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My New Keyboard: an Ergodox

My Ergodox

This is my new keyboard. It’s an Ergodox. It’s a custom, programmable, ergonomic, split-design keyboard. The design and firmware for it are open-source. The parts list to build one is listed on the Ergodox site, and will set you back about $175. You’ll still need to put it together, or you can do what I did and buy one someone is selling.

I had been wanting one for a while, but only recently got serious about buying one. I already knew what kind of mechanical switch I wanted (Cherry MX clear), but I wasn’t picky about much else with it. I saw this one for sale at Geekhack, and not only did it have the switches I wanted, it also had a stainless steel and acrylic case with the option to modify the switches with lighter springs. I bought it immediately and once it arrived I added o-rings to dampen the feel of the keys and blank PBT DSA keycaps. I also bought the wrist rests for it through Massdrop.

It has multiple custom layers, so when I switch between layers the keys’ values will change. By default the keys are a modified Colemak layout, but I can switch to another layer that is the standard QWERTY layout that most keyboards use. I also have two other layers for function keys, a number pad and other custom values.

So far I haven’t really had much trouble getting used to the blank caps, and I was already used to the layout because of my previous keyboard - a Kinesis Advantage. I mess up numbers every now and then, and sometimes I mess up my passwords that I manually enter. Overall though I’m loving using it, and don’t see myself switching back to a standard keyboard.

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