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Rambled 1523 times since February 2002

About Me

Me when I was 3The first picture, taken in Austin, Texas around 1977, is one of my mother’s favorites.  The photographer was having a hard time making me smile, until he pulled out this really cool, red, sparkly ball and let me hold it. Then I was all grins. I seemed to have had reddish hair back then.  It’s visible in a couple other pictures taken back then too.  I’m not sure where the red tint went, although you can just see it in the next picture.

Me nowThe second picture was taken 2012 by my friend and CrossFit coach. I’ve always wanted to be able to hang at arms’ length from a sign post. While I can’t quite do it yet, I can do the easier version in this pic rather easily. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to go arms’ length.


I didn’t get into computers until summer ‘94 while I was in university.  My parents had a dog PC at home, but I never really used it except to play the flight simulator that ran off of some old 5 ¼ discs.  The College of Communications used mostly Macs though, and I was quickly christened a Mac zealot.

My training was in graphic design and mostly dealt with printed material.  I later continued my training at Media Village Europe in Altensteig, Germany where I learned the true power and freedom of digital art.  I’ve never really bothered with print material since then.

I made my first Web site in April ‘96, and have never lost my excitement for the medium.  Since then I’ve made sites for clients from all over the world.  My construction method of choice has taken a full circle.  I first made my pages by hand-coding.  I then slowly moved to GoLive before Adobe bought them out.  Then I tried my hand at Macromedia Dreamweaver and hated it.  Now I do all my sites by hand again.  The code is leaner, cleaner and quicker to put together.  GoLive and Dreamweaver just get in the way.  All during this time I was learning new technologies as they matured: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, etc.

I will continue to build sites as long as people want them.  I love doing it.  Hopefully that will never change.

During my time in college, I got to see a bit of the world and make some close friends who I still keep in touch with.  I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Germany and Hungary.  I haven’t traveled in a bit though, and would love to go visit my friends sometime.  I think my next trip will most likely be to Switzerland since I have many friends there.  I can stay in places with views like this.

Tools of the Trade

My main tools of the trade are Sublime Text 2, Transmit and Adobe Photoshop.  My browser of choice is Chrome, but I also use Firefox, Safari and Opera to test my designs.  I run Apache, PHP and MySQL on my Macbook Pro so I can quickly mock up a functional site for testing.