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More learning : August 01, 2002 : Note 0

Well… I know I may be slow to jump on the bandwagon, but I’ve just successfully built my first XML-RPC client and server in PHP.  I bought a book called Programming Web Services With XML-RPC from O’Reilly Publishing. …

MIT’s ‘Soldier’ Is Comics Heroine : August 29, 2002 : Note 4

It seems like the guys at MIT aren’t as smart as they say they are.  The Washington Post has an article which says that MIT “designed” a concept drawing for the soldier of the future.  The government was so impressed with their drawing that MIT won a $50 million…

Sooo Close!!! : January 23, 2004 : Note 0

I was basically only three pins away from a perfect game of bowling tonight in league.  I bowled my highest game ever tonight… a 277.  If you want to see how that looks on the scoring sheet, here it is:

A warning : May 03, 2002 : Note 0

If the site is looking kinda funky in places, it’s because I’m smack in the middle of moving from Greymatter to MovableType.  So far, I’ve been able to import all my old Greymatter entries fine.  I’ve still got to redo all the template files to reflect my old design as…

My World of Warcraft Toons : October 27, 2005 : Note 7

I’ve got a little collection of World of Warcraft toons. I ought to. I’ve been playing off and on since early December last year. They are on four different servers: Thunderhorn (PvE), Darkspear (PvP), Dunemaul (PvP) and…