:: A Deer Named Goliath (August 6, 2003)

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A Deer Named Goliath

Goliath, the white tail buck

I’m glad this old buck is protected.  There are some hunters around here that would give away all they own just to be able to take a shot at him.  I’m sure there are hunters all over the place that would do the same.

He’s a 50-60 point white-tail buck!  That’s awe-inspiring.  Even if I was a hunter and saw this buck in the wild, I don’t think I’d shoot it.  It’s lived too long to shoot.

just me's gravatar just me United States October 6, 2003

You are not a hunter so you can

Chris's gravatar Chris United States October 6, 2003

Apparently you aren’t a reader, so you can’t say what I can and can’t do. If a buck is privately-owned, he is protected. Kind of common sense. I also say, “Even IF I was a hunter and I saw this buck was in the wild”. I never even alluded that I was a hunter or that the deer was in the wild. It’s kind of important to read the WHOLE post.

I was wrong about the age of the deer when I wrote the post. I had already learned, after posting, that he was only 6 years old and his value, but didn’t think I needed to explain this in the post.

Dustin Kahlhamer's gravatar Dustin Kahlhamer United States November 12, 2003

This is amazing the size of the deer and only six years old. I’ve only been hunting four years and i have never seen anything like this before evenin magazines. But when i heard aboutHim I had to check it out. Natures Wonders

Cody's gravatar Cody United States November 20, 2003

Well all you wannabe hunter think that oh i would never shoot this buck. Well i is going to die anyways of old age or even of a disease. If i saw that i would probably watch it for a while than shoot it because if it is that old man it is waiting to die you can alway sell the sperm and regenrate him from his siblilng. I know you guys would shoot him if you saw him also you just want to put a good word in so they do not look down on you. And the deer is going to die anyways so why not now or later. It will take a couple years for his other generation the come fourth but oh well. Well when i first cam upon this deer was when i was reading the outdoor magizine. Well no offense guys i know you guys would shoot so tell the truth and get rid of it.

Chris's gravatar Chris United States November 20, 2003

Amazingly insightful comments, Cody. No really.

Cody's gravatar Cody United States November 20, 2003

Thanks Chris i thought it was good

Luke's gravatar Luke United States November 20, 2003

Cody you are right that deer will die soon and the taste of venison is great. i would take that deer no doubt if i saw it in the wild. cuz as cody said it will die sooner on later, cody your dodge isn’t as prime as mine (you need 4wd). i would love to have the luck of being able to see that deer. and cody is right dont lie i know any hunter out here would take a shot at that and msot of the drunks would take more than one and prolly try to hit it with their trucks. i have a hard time believing that is a natural grown rack but i amy be wrong i jsut have a hard time believing that. i admit it is one of the best bucks i have seen but why gawk at that get your @$$es out there and find a better buck and post him on this site.

Cody's gravatar Cody United States November 20, 2003

Well luke i am sure that i dont need 4wd to go offroading but anyway that is a amazing buck that should be hangin on my wall right now. But that is just my opinoin.

Luke's gravatar Luke United States November 20, 2003

Well cody im sorry you think you don’t need 4wd but i will still pull you out everytime you get stuck! and that buck can hang on your wall all day long and i would not bat an eye a bigger buck will be hangin on my wall.

Cody's gravatar Cody United States November 20, 2003

Chris nevermind luke he is in his own world

greg whitlow's gravatar greg whitlow United States November 20, 2003

I think that the owner of this monster is one of the most fortunate people in the world! Please take care of this monarch until he dies. Make him breed with many other doe, so that many generations can see the wonder that is goliath. I am a big hunter and I read how many hunters would give up all they own, and in most cases that’s true but if I were hunting and he walked past me I would let him go a buck that large and beautiful deserves to live out his life. So just take care of that gorgeous buck and make sure he is very healthy and well. Your adoring friend Greg Whitlow.

Cody's gravatar Cody United States December 10, 2003

Greg speak honestly about what you just said. You would shoot it anyways so just speak the truth

Jeremy's gravatar Jeremy United States October 26, 2004

I have hunted pretty much all of my life and have killed a few deer here and there. All of you people that say you hunt and you would have shot the deer named GOLIATH. YEAH RIGHT, you know that you would have gotten BUCK FEVER. And Cody, i like your idea but if i would have seen one of GOLIATH’S relatives. I WOULD HAVE BLASTED A HOLE IN ONE OF THEM ALSO.LOL.J/K

kevin's gravatar kevin United States October 30, 2004

anybody that was hunting and wouldnt shoot it has something wrong with their head, I not going to shoot it because I dont want to get an awsome white tail and get my name in the record book, i admit if i saw it i would have buck fever so back that i could hold my gun still and my shooting pattern would be that of a drunk person but i would still stoot AT IT and if i did kill it then i would probably have to sit down and catch my breath, and if i didnt kill it then i would still be really happy to even see something like that, then again i live in northern wyoming and their are so many hunters around here that seeing a deer like that is very rare

cody dont no nuttin's gravatar cody dont no nuttin United States December 3, 2004

how dumb is this cody dude!!!!!!!!!!!

Evan Hensley's gravatar Evan Hensley United States December 28, 2004

This buck is dead guys…it died of old age on dec.6th 2004 at 7 1/2 yrs old and carrying 58 pts he was a true monster…I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO KILL THIS BRUISER if i could have hit it lmao

angel's gravatar angel United States January 3, 2005

I think that you should show the deer some respect. “I’d shoot that thing if i could”. Well I wouldn’t. Infact I’ve seen many deer, some VERY nice bucks, and haven’t even pointed anything but a camera at them. The buck above is a nice 7 point. He was trusting enought to let me within 20 yards, I wouldn’t shoot him if i’d got the chance. I can hand feed deer and enjoy them THAT way. Not hanging on my wall.

angel's gravatar angel United States January 3, 2005 is the bucks picture. I never saw goliath in person, but i had heard about him. There are alrge bucks around my house and i see them all the time, along with good quality doe.

Lou's gravatar Lou United States January 10, 2005

I saw something like this in the wild just south of Ashland Kentucky once. He was standing on top of a road embankment and the ten pointer and 12 pointer with him looked like childern. I rubbed my eyes for five minutes trying to beleive it. The rack was huge but his size was amazing. The other deer just kind of looked like me beside an NBA player. I would estimate the deer weighed way in excess of 300 lbs. There is a deer farm close to there and I kind of suspect that her had got loose from there. They just don’t seem to get that big with all the hardship in the wild. I have killed a 15 pointer and know he was head and shoulders above mine! Thanks

buck hunter's gravatar buck hunter United States January 20, 2005

i have been deer hunting all my life and goliath is a monster if i seen a buck of his size in my food plot there is not a doubt in my mind i would shoot him loud him in the back of my chevy 4×4 and what didn’t get made into stakes or sasage would be hanging on my wall

Jon's gravatar Jon United States April 6, 2005

I know goliath is a monster but who would wanna shoot somethin that has lived that long and matured that much

Ray's gravatar Ray United States April 25, 2005

I would

cory's gravatar cory United States July 24, 2005

i would run him over with my truck 1986 ford sitting on a 12 inch running 42inch denmen ground hawgs 4×4 then on my wall would be roadkill# 3

Chris's gravatar Chris United States July 24, 2005

Anyone who brags about how many inches their truck has here and there is most likely making up for lack of inches somewhere else. And your grasp of English grammar is truly amazing.

Barry's gravatar Barry United States September 10, 2005

As a hunter I have to say “of course i’d shoot at this deer had I the chance” But as a regular everyday person who also loves just seeing such a magnificant animal I will say that again as so often the non hunter (chris) is coming across as the more open minded and educated than the rest of the group – so please my fellow hunters try to improve your image by speaking with reason most of all to the opposition. If not hunters will always be viewed as drunken red necks and that my friends could eventually result in me not being able to do something i truly love, so help yourself by projecting a better image of what a hunter really is – its not being a closed minded bully… R.I.P. Goliath

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