:: Michael Jackson Is A Pedophile (February 11, 2003)

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Michael Jackson Is A Pedophile

The Smoking Gun has copies of previously secret court papers of the 1993 court case against Michael Jackson.  WARNING!  There are detailed descriptions of what went on between Jackson and the then 13 year old boy.  Only read it if you have a strong stomach.

After reading them, I don’t know how Michael Jackson didn’t get jail time.  Actually, I do know.  He’s a famous superstar who has hundreds of millions of dollars.  The relationship the kid describes looks innocent enough until after several months.  Then things go completely wrong.  Michael Jackson has SEVERE problems and should get serious help.  Superstar or not, he should be in jail and listed in the pedophile database.  It’s sick.  Sad and sick.

Russ's gravatar Russ United States February 11, 2003

Very disgusting. I remember thinking back when all that was going on in the media, and word had leaked out that the payout to the boy’s family was in the area of $20 million, I couldn’t help but to realize that this boy has just become the world’s highest paid prostitute. Unintentionally of course.

The first time I met Jackson in 1994, as I was talking to him, I couldn’t help but to notice the large 55 gallon drum he was standing next to that we used for our trash. There was something inside me that wanted to just take and stuff him into that drum with all the other trash. I knew full well that doing so would put me on CNN and the front of every newspaper in the world. I also knew that many would see me as the devil, while many others would hail me as a hero for doing so. I guess I just wasn’t prepared to go through the many years of jail time and legal battles that would have resulted from doing “the right thing”.

Wayne Buckwheter's gravatar Wayne Buckwheter United States November 19, 2003

Michael Jackson has dealt with a number of personal issues, but the proof of the pudding appears to be that of a pedophile. No way can say for sure, but enough evidence is present to suggest he has a penchant for young children. He should be jailed (obvious crime) and counceled. Maybe he can overcome the urge of pedophilia.

Kim Peterson's gravatar Kim Peterson United States November 19, 2003

There is no question Michael Jackson is innocent! He has been malaligned for years. He has proven himself to be an honorable person, and has provided the entertainment community with much art. I am so sure of his innocence, hell, I would sleep with him and nothing would happen.

dave's gravatar dave Canada November 21, 2003

michael jackson is so guilty
i wouldn’t let that weirdo pet my dog never mind my son!

Sharon's gravatar Sharon United States November 22, 2003

This is so ridiculous! Michael Jackson is innocent! I find it very foolish that people choose to capitalize on his fortune and the fact that he adores children. People are only after money, and it’s sad. It’s a shame that your kindness can be used against you.

LesVoix's gravatar LesVoix Canada November 22, 2003

I Think michael jackson Is A Pedophile. I Hope He Dies Soon.

dave's gravatar dave Canada November 22, 2003

jeffrie dahmer and hannibal lector were decent human beings also.all they wanted to have someone over for dinner!
michael jackson is a sick s.o.b. that should be in a mental institution with doctor kevorkian as his caregiver.michaels loyalists are just as sick as he is
at neverland what time is it when the big hand touches the little hand?its bed time ,its a beautiful thing until the lights go out and the stiff one eye is looking for some anal retention! he’s baaaad!

dave's gravatar dave Canada November 22, 2003

Michael,you used to be such…

<EDIT>There’s no need to post stuff like that, dave. You’ve already posted your opinion in your earlier comment. This one added nothing new, except foul language.

dave's gravatar dave Canada November 23, 2003

sorry ‘bout that i’ll try to keep it kleen in the future. its just the subject that brings out the worst in me please accept my sincerest apology!!

Chris's gravatar Chris United States November 23, 2003

Apology accepted. We all have issues that push our buttons and bring out the worst in us.

Steve's gravatar Steve United States November 24, 2003

What the heck is wrong with people? I absolutely cannot believe that so many people are blindly willing to lend support to this obviously sad sick (you fill in the blank). Just because he’s a famous African American and can write good (in some people’s opinion) music and dance and perform well, he gets a pass especially in the African American community. Reminds me of the OJ thing. There are plenty of successful, famous, important African Americans today. There’s no need to blindly support (seemingly without any effort to consider the evidence) this man. Yes, he deserves a fair hearing (although with millions of dollars and the race card good luck there) and he’s innocent until proven guilty but comeon….one time, that’s one thing….but another kid now accusing him…..READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL YOU JACKSON SUPPORTERS…WAKE THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS UP! And consider what is starting to become abundantly clear…where there’s smoke there’s fire and this guy is most likely a pedophile.

dave's gravatar dave Canada November 24, 2003

steve, you are so right.why would a person who is considered by some to be highly intelligent put himself in the exact same position as he was in 1993,except back then because of the somewhat loose laws in lala land he was able to buy his way out.hopefully the new law enacted mainly because of that case will prevent any such corruption of justice and the perv. will be brought out into the light where even his most staunch supporters will be shocked to learn that mj is not a diety but a frail example of humanity that was somehow blessed with the ability not only to write and sing music but to blind people because of his celebrity to what is actually going on in neverland.If only he could use his pied piper ability for good instead of his own perverted pleasures …dave

Harry Barry McFarry's gravatar Harry Barry McFarry Europe November 24, 2003

I don’t actually think Michael Jackson is capable of the kind of sexual behaviour in the boy’s testimony, it just doesn’t fit for me. I think he needs mental help and has serious problems but I can’t see him as a child molester, just my opinion.

William Jorgensen's gravatar William Jorgensen Australia November 24, 2003

No, Michael Jackson isn’t a pedophile – he’s a pedarist (someone who has sex with underage boys). Is he guilty? Yep! Why am I so sure? Well, his standard reply when confronted has always been the same “I would never harm a child.” not an uncommon statement from pedarists or pedophiles who don’t believe their actions are harmful to children. I might have had a different opinion if he’d said something like “I’m not a homosexual” or “I don’t have sex with boys”.

dave's gravatar dave Canada November 25, 2003

will jorgenson
i totally agree with what you are saying about mj but where on earth did you get the word ‘pedarist’? never heard of it couldn’t find it online dictionary either however a pedarist he shall remain i personally think he is a chameleon homophrodite !

Jermaine Cracshon's gravatar Jermaine Cracshon United States November 26, 2003

MJ is a sick pervert who has created a paradise for little boys he can caress and cook up warm milk and cookies for.

Hey Geragos, are you gonna come on me like a ton of bricks now? <EDIT> If I MURDERED my wife and kid I’d be pissed at you right now! Are you going to sue people for having an opinion based on Michael’s own actions? I noticed all your clients lose…you must be a boy lover too!

dave's gravatar dave Canada November 27, 2003

hey weird one mj
don’ you have any sense of shame or human decency
there are people on death row wrongfully convicted that would love to have a dream team of lawyers such as yours which you can seem to afford for now.innocent until proven guilty,everbody with any common sense knows you won’t be convicted of any crime not because you are innocent but because you can afford a defense team without scruples or’ll see for yourself when people stop buying your so-called music and you are pennyless and have to depend on the state to supply you with a lawyer. however i heard on the grapevine that geragos now owns neverland

William Jorgensen's gravatar William Jorgensen Australia November 27, 2003

My mistake Dave, incorrect spelling. The word is spelled thus : PEDARAST .
But the logic of my argument is solid, if not my spelling. Michael jackson always uses the same “I wouldn’t hurt a child” excuse when what he’s really saying is “ I don’t think having sex with underage boys is harmful”. I expect he’ll get away with it though, Americans are celebrity worshippers of the worst kind. The wealthy and famous get away with murder and worse. Just look at the supporters who come out in defence of his sick behavior. If you can overlook what stares you in the face, like dangling a baby over a sheer drop, you can easily overlook an allegation as the rather stupid Sharon has done. What does she think about dangling babies? Will she say that he wasn’t putting the child at risk? Or will she say that “oh, he’s just immature, he can’t help that”??? Lets hope she doesn’t take leaf out of Michael’s book and start dangling her own children out the window of a tall building… He sure is a great role model, Sharon…

dave's gravatar dave Canada November 27, 2003

touche! william
sorry ‘bout correcting you on that pedarast
thing.if michael jackson(jim jones) invited all his adoring fans to neverland and told them to drink the funny smelling koolaid the brain dead idiots would gulp it down without question.these same lemmings believe mj has never had plastic surgery if someone (yuck) got close enough to him they’d notice the fisher price bar code on his butt

Eric's gravatar Eric United States November 27, 2003

Steve, I have to disagree with you on one thing — Michael Jackson has no race card to play. His earlier claims of Tommy Mottola being a racist were flagrantly dismissed by the black community as more of his lunacy. Also, Wacko Jacko has idiots defending him all over the world, not just in black America. Just look at those French people out there in the streets to support him. M.J. has no race card to play, noted by the fact that Johnny Cochran refused to represent him.

dave's gravatar dave Canada November 29, 2003

profile of a pedophile
paying attention to needy or sick children
talking about sexual issues,showing adult magazines or films letting the child know he can come to you for sexual concerns
accidently(oops!) exposing yourself
giving gifts,money
taking the child places
telling the child that you need to examine him for whatever reason
physical contact,wrestling, tickling pats on the butt
questions about the child’s development
masturbation habits giving the child more sexual info than is appropriate for the child’s age
bringing yourself down to the child’s level of play,becoming the child’s ‘buddy’
sharing inappropriate info about yourself
or relationship problems
not respecting the child’s boundaries of privacy.inappropriate questions about the child’s activities.there are other ways to groom a victim,while on the surface these activities seem innocent enough they are often the prelude to sexual contact with the child or children.
anything fit mj?

dave's gravatar dave Canada December 5, 2003

mikey’s going down this time.
in jail he’l find a lot of ‘boys’ to tend to his needs.another child comes forward.

dave v's gravatar dave v Canada December 18, 2003


kold kanuck's gravatar kold kanuck Canada December 27, 2003

mikey says he will continue to diddle little boys if he is not convicted.
neverland is no longer a home merely a house just a place to visit with little boys out of the public eye

kold kanuck's gravatar kold kanuck Canada December 31, 2003

michael now claims he was abused when he was arrested.The cops patted him down
before cuffin’ him
see the similarity?


You’ve said your piece… about 17 times now. Drop it.


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